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Service by the Stars

COST: $60.00

This tune up is limited to new or almost new bikes that may not have been built by a professional. This tune will give you confidence that the bike has been adjusted correctly and will work up to its full design potential.

The tune up includes:

·   Gear & brake adjustments

·   Checking all bolts for safe and appropriate torque

·   Chain lubrication

·   1 month free adjustments


    COST: $80.00

    This tune up includes all things included in the 1 star plus:

    ·   Complete wheel true and tension

    ·   Front and rear hub adjustment

    ·   Light cleaning of frame and drive train


    COST: $140.00

    Our most popular tune up, this repair includes all the services of our 2 star tune up plus:

    • ·   Replacement of all cables and housing ($60 value)
    • ·   Quick wipe down of drivetrain components
    • ·   Half price install on all new parts (parts extra)

    New cables and housing are essential for insuring proper function of your shift and brake systems.  We suggest having them replaced at least once a year.

    This is our best valued tune up and will get your bike in great working order.


    COST: ROAD $200.00

    FULL MTN $250.00

    This tune up is a complete overhaul of all parts on your bike except for suspension and brake bleeds. It includes everything in our 3 star tune up plus:

    • ·   Repack/replacement of hub bearings
    • ·   Repack/replacement of headset bearings
    • ·   Repack/ replacement of bottom bracket bearings
    • ·   Half price install on all new parts    (parts extra)
    • ·   Removal and cleaning of all pivot hardware (Full suspension MTB only)

    Cyclists riding through the winter should consider this tune up at the start and end of the wet season.


    COST: $500.00

    Our 5 star road bike tune up is the holy grail of tune ups.  It includes all of the services of our 4 star tune up plus:

    • ·   Install of any replacement parts
    • ·   Basic BG fit + cleat adjustment + measurements ($150 value)
    • ·   Replacement of bar tape ( Tape is included, $ 50 value)
    • ·   Free 2 star voucher ($75 value)
    • ·   Free delivery when repair is complete (within the greater Bellingham area)

    Our 5 star full suspension MTB tune up includes all of the services of our 4 star tune up plus:

    • ·   Install of any replacement parts
    • ·   Replacement of all pivot bearings ($135 value)
    • ·   Front and rear shock seal and oil service ($105 value)
    • ·   Front and rear brake bleed ($50 value)
    • ·   Free 2 star voucher ($75 value)



    • We guarantee our work. We want you to be ecstatic about our service. If there is something that you’re not happy about or something you don’t understand; or something you are very happy about, please let us know what it is.
    • We will always do our best to anticipate problems in the pre-repair consultation phase but sometimes we don’t know a problem exists until the repair is underway. We reserve the right to charge you more or less in the event of an unplanned event. In the event the cost of the repair exceeds 10% of our stated estimate we will call with an explanation of the problem and get your approval before proceeding.
    • Old parts will be recycled unless you request we save them.
    • Bikes not picked up after 1 week are charged $4 per day. Bikes left for longer than 1 month will be considered abandon
    • Parts are extra.




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